Over the years, the number of old boys migrating to Australia has grown and today a vibrant community of Campion alumni exists all across this great country. Despite being so far removed by distance and time, the school has always been the common heritage of every Campionite. Living in Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, and Canberra and indeed all over the globe, our love for the alma mater has created a lifelong bond between us. Friendships formed during our boyhood years have stood the test of time, strengthened through the association and kept this unique group of proud individuals together.  COBA, as we are better known, seeks to engage all Campion alumni; to foster an emotional connection between the school and its graduates and to provide our alma mater with goodwill and support. The Association helps past-students stay connected not only to the school but also to one another. COBA was formed in 1999 with an aim to promote social activities for its members and their families and nurture the Campion brotherhood. In 2003, COBA set up its Scholarship Program to provide financial assistance to deserving students who are children of past students and teachers of Campion. The Friend in Need program was also established to assist the less fortunate among our brothers and sisters in India.

The Association is registered as a not-for-profit organization and celebrated 15 years in 2014. Since commencement, the Scholarship program has granted scholarships to 219 students of Campion ranging from the lower grades through to high school and beyond into university. The Scholarship program is a means-tested, annual funding towards the education of 20-25 students at Campion Higher Secondary School, Trichy. Thanks to the support of members and friends of COBA, over $40,000 AUD has been provided in scholarships.

COBA has also donated over $10,000 AUD towards the Friend in Need program, supporting past students and fellow Anglo-Indians who have fallen on hard times and in need of a non-judgemental helping hand. COBA also donates to charities within Victoria in Australia. 

Our funds are raised largely through social functions  The annual Blue and White Ball is one of our regular events. 

Donations from members and well-wishers have also formed a large part of our funding. 

We thank you for supporting us in our mission.